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Wednesday, February 27th, 2008


非文人不能多情,非才子不能善怨。骚雅之作,怨而能善,惟其情之所独多也。容若天资超逸,悠然尘外。所为乐府小令,婉丽清凄,使读者哀乐不知所 主,如听中宵梵呗,先凄惋而后喜悦。定其前身,此岂寻常文人所得到者?昔汾水秋燕之篇,三郎击节,谓巨山为才子。红豆相思,岂独生于南国哉! 因与吴君茵次共为定,遂流传于世云。同学顾贞观识。时康熙戊年又三月,书于吴趋客舍。


Declaration about the recent comments

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Recently, several comments occurred on this site, most of them are spam. I am so sorry, if I made anyone thought this site is on Hiatus. So based on the direction of harmonious society, I have deleted all these comments by a single left button click. 😀

The protection plugin is also enabled, hope everyone have a good time.