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The Ant Bully

Monday, November 27th, 2006
深夜,Lucas 和 Zach躺在一个蘑菇上,遥望着远处的城市
Lucas: lt’s funny. The sky looks exactly the same. Everything else is so different
          …but it’s the same sky, the same stars.
Zach:  …So this city of yours, it’s like a nest?
Lucas: Well, yeah. Kind of.
Zach:  And the humans that live there are all brothers
          …working together for the greatness of their colony?
Lucas: Well, not exactly.
          lt’s a little more like, you know, every man for himself.
Zach:  But that’s so primitive. How does anything get done?
Lucas: Some people work together.
Zach:  Some. Why not all?
Lucas: l suppose it’s because of their differences.
Zach:  But it’s the differences that make a colony strong.
          Foragers, scouts, drones, nurses, regurgitators…
          …all are different, but an essential part of the whole.
          This is where we ants draw our strength.