Finally, SCA comes out!

IBM jsut delivered two specifications for building systems that use a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), which aim to provide developers with simpler and more powerful ways of constructing applications based on SOA: Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Service Data Objects (SDO).

You can find some detail info from this link:
The key words are:
Service Component Architecture (SCA)
Service Data Objects (SDO)
Business Objects (BO)

I have worked with SCA for much more than one year. I feel it is a elegant way to implement your own enterprise application. The dev only need to focus on the requirement, and provide a service component. And this component can be used by any other component. SCA provide several kind way for the invocation. The SCA’s implementation can be many type, SDO、WSDL、EJB、BPEL、JAVA、POJO. SCA can be invoked as a Web Service. And it can invoke a EJB, Web Service, any other SCA component…..
So many benefit need you to discovery… Read it, and "Enjoy the word of SCA"~

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